Red Wasps

When weather permits, Kevin and I like to go outside and sit on our swing in the evenings after dinner. We swing, sometimes holding hands, connecting over our day, talking about the family—especially the grandchildren—funny things we’ve heard or seen, what we need to work on in the house or yard, things God has done, … Continue reading Red Wasps

Cancel Culture

Many prodigals are demanding—some politely, and others not so politely—that their pray-ers not speak about God to them, sometimes with the threat of no longer having communication with them. At times, it actually results in isolation, and in some cases, forced estrangement. Cancel culture is a weapon the enemy uses to silence witness in the … Continue reading Cancel Culture

What God Has Done Is Proof of What He Can Do

Moses rehearsed to the children of Israel all the giants defeated by the Lord (Deuteronomy 2, 3), a sermon reminding the Israelites of what God had done and can do, a sermon meant to encourage them so their faith would be strong as they went forward into the promised land, where there were many enemies. … Continue reading What God Has Done Is Proof of What He Can Do