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Having a loved one reject your God is one of the most emotionally painful circumstances of life because of present and eternal consequences. Knowing how to pray can be overwhelming. Since you are visiting this blog, you most likely have a prodigal loved one that brings you to prayer every day. Some days we pray out of desperation, and sometimes we would love to have someone come along side of us to pray in agreement or to help us know how to pray and to understand what God will or will not do in the lives of prodigals. Prayer for Prodigals reaches to those painful places and brings comfort and hope through promises and praises, and answers those questions of how best to pray by giving scriptural prayers.

I pray every day for prodigals that I love, and I also give thanks for the ones God has already brought back! In this blog, I will share the things I learn from God’s word: promises, prayers, and praises. The ultimate goal is to pray our prodigals back into relationship with God Almighty.

If you are looking for further encouragement, you will find those type of posts in my former blog, tamiraindrops.blogspot.com. If you have specific prayer requests for your prodigal or you would like the prayerful support of the PfP community, contact us.

Prayer for Prodigals builds faith and brings peace and rest to the one praying by pointing focus back to God, who loves our prodigals more than we do, and helps us to pray until our prodigals return to relationship with God!

Believing for them all,


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