Excitement in the Waiting

Have you ever waited at the airport to pick up someone you love? Do you remember the excitement you felt standing right outside of customs so you could catch the first possible glimpse? 

You know the ticket had been bought, he/she boarded the plane, and the plane landed safely. You were waiting so you could be with them as soon as possible. 

That is what waiting is like when we have a promise from God regarding the salvation of our prodigals. We are so excited, because we know the ticket has been bought by Jesus! We know God’s answer to our prayers have put them on their way, and we know the plane will land safely, because that is what God has promised. We are just waiting, sometimes rather impatiently.

It’s good to be excited, stretching your neck for the first possible glimpse of them, because you expect their arrival at any minute.

Go ahead and stretch that neck!

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