The Red Zone

A mom of prodigals recently shared with me that God revealed to her that she is in the Red Zone.

The French government declared an area of land uninhabitable because of the destruction caused by World War I. Called the Red Zone, the polluted and hazardous soil makes life nearly impossible, and the unexploded ordnance makes it life-threatening.

Red zone can also refer to the twenty yards on each end of a football field, when a touchdown is twenty or less yards away. It is the place where a touchdown is within reach but can also be prevented. Strategies for defense and offense are different out of necessity, because the offensive team is so close to the end zone.

What does any of this have to do with prodigals?

I believe many of us are in the Red Zone in the fight for the salvation of our prodigals.

Like the Red Zone in France, other people may deem our prodigals hopeless, useless, and dead, and maybe even dangerous, but our God says they are redeemed and called, and His forgiveness will instantaneously clean up the mess of sins past.

Like the red zone in football, the goal is so close, and you can feel the excitement of what’s coming. You also feel the urgency to intensify your fighting, because the enemy intensifies his fight, changes game plans, and concentrates on our every move.

There is a red zone move that stands out to me. The ball is inches from the goal line, and both teams line up tightly. When the ball is hiked and received, larger offensive players will literally push the ball carrier over the enemy line into the end zone. We need this type of support, too, when our prodigals are moments from a decision for God. It may seem the enemy is has the goal line tightly defended, but trusted, strong prayer warriors pray and push until our prodigals are in the victory zone God has for them.

We fight with all the might and strength given to us by God, and we never give up, keeping the goal in sight: our prodigals saved, surrendered, serving God, and worshiping Him!

We have a not-so-secret Player—God Himself!

In the Red Zone, prodigals may be deemed lifeless, but Jesus is life (John 14:6). Situations may be a mess, but God can make crooked places straight and “rough places smooth” (Isaiah 40:4). Prodigals may be bound in ways that make freedom seem unattainable, but God said “He has broken the gates of bronze, And cut the bars of iron in two” (Psalm 107:16). Their hearts may seem impenetrable, but God promised to remove hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26). They may not even believe in God, but He is and will continue to be faithful to His promises to us (2 Timothy 2:13). A victory may seem impossible, but our God is an overcomer (John 16:33) and gives us victory (1 Corinthians 15:57).

Being in the Red Zone is a great thing, because victory is in sight!

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