Our God of Details

I typically learn more easily if I have a fixed category into which to file new information. I have tendencies to remember the association and the overview more than I remember details.

But think about God. He is a God of detail:

  • He gave Noah detailed measurements to build the ark and how to stock it to not only preserve species but to provide food for all the animals and people (Genesis 6:13–21).
  • He gave Moses detailed measurements to create the tabernacle in the wilderness (Exodus 25–30), details that were a type of Himself as Jesus.
  • He told Joshua how many times to circle Jericho, who and what should go, what and when their actions should be (Joshua 6:1–5). Then He gave complete victory.
  • He told David the details of the tabernacle and the amount of supplies Solomon would need to build the temple (1 Chronicles 28:12). Then He provided for every detail.

I admit to sometimes being a little envious of how clearly they heard God’s voice. He gave them measurements and dates and times and places. He told them specifically what to do and when. The details were so … detailed, and they knew exactly what to do. I am practicing and seeking to hear His voice this clearly.

Of course, when Jesus was on earth, He also was very specific about things:

  • Jesus told the blind man to wash in the Pool of Siloam specifically (John 9:7).
  • Jesus told the disciples how to find the piece of money to use to pay their taxes (Matthew 17:27).
  • Jesus told them how and where to find the donkey He rode into Jerusalem before He was crucified and the words to say to convince the owner to allow them to take it (Mark 11:1–5).
  • Jesus told the disciples specifically which upper room would be available to celebrate the Passover (Mark 14:12–15).

Telescopes allow us to see the universe, more of what God created and the details He included, but microscopes do the same in that they show us more of the tiny details of God’s creation. His creation reveals His attention to detail, right down to atoms and atomic particles. He is a God of detail. (See “The Expanse of God, January 14, 2022).

And when He created each of us, He gave diligence in unique fingerprints and DNA. His attention to detail still operates in His knowing exactly how many hairs we have on our head (Matthew 10:30), knowing our thoughts (Psalm 94:11), being aware of every part of us and where we are at every moment (Psalm 139:1–12). He is a God of detail.

In His Word, He also gives very specific details on how we are to live holy and righteously before Him. He does not waver from these requirements.

God could have left mud on the floor of the sea (Exodus 14:22), saying, “I parted the sea, and that’s enough.” He could have let the bush be consumed (Exodus 3:2). He could have stopped the healing of the blind man when he could “see men like trees, walking” (Mark 8:24). But He didn’t. He completed the work in every detail. And He will in the life of your prodigal. He will not half-do anything, and He will not leave anything undone that is surrendered to Him.

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