Rattling Bones

First, imagine standing in a valley full of very dry bones.

Next, imagine that the bones start rattling and moving around.

Now, picture that the bones join together with other bones until every skeleton is complete.

Now tendons appear.

Now muscles.

Now skin! We have complete humans lying there dead!

But that is not the end! They begin breathing, and then they stand up! You are now in the middle of a bunch of people who were dead just a few minutes ago and now they are alive!

As if that is not enough, this all happened because God told you to speak it over them!

And now you are standing in the middle of “an exceedingly great army” (Ezekiel 37:10 New King James Version).

Now imagine you are standing in the middle of a valley full of prodigals who are spiritually dead, but God tells you to prophesy over them, and you do. What happens next is incredible: they come to life and form “an exceedingly great army,” an army for the kingdom of God!

I hear bones rattling!



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