Guest Blog from Wendy Prince

If you are praying for an addicted prodigal, this story of redemption will increase your faith for him or her.

Let me introduce you to Wendy.

The Wendy I know and love is a beautiful young woman whose smile and hug encourages you. She faithfully attends church with me and serves and seeks God beautifully. I didn’t know her story, but recently she wrote of a less-than-perfect communion cup she received during her recent trip to Israel and how God reminded her that her scars are proof of her healing.

Her story is a reminder to those of us who pray that it makes a difference and that our God can save prodigals no matter how far they are away from Him, no matter the lies Satan has told them, no matter the hold he has on them.

May her story encourage you as you prayerfully wait for your own prodigal to come back to God and be healed.


“I was a prodigal for 15 years. Here is my story…

I always believed in God. My family and I attended church regularly. I even went to a Christian school for 9 years. I knew all the songs, many Bible verses and participated in VBS, Children’s Church and Sunday School.

After a few traumatic events, I began to have self-worth and acceptance issues. I felt abandoned by my father so it was hard to comprehend how my Heavenly Father could love me unconditionally. When I was almost 15 years of age, I wanted to be popular and part of the “in-crowd” so desperately that I started doing things I had been taught my whole life were not okay to do. The 2nd time I tried alcohol, I had a black-out with many more to come after that. I had them more frequently than not. I became promiscuous and partied most nights of the week. I would wake up with so much guilt and remorse of not remembering what I did the night before but I would do it all over again just to numb my pain and erase my problems temporarily. It was not long before I needed to drink to feel normal.

The guilt of my behaviors and lies from the enemy caused me to stop going to church altogether. I ended relationships with my Christian friends and only associated with people who like me were into the party life. Satan had me so far entangled with the world.

My grandmother did not know what was going on nor how deep into sin I was but she prayed for me constantly. I’m sure there were times that she wanted to give up or it seemed like nothing was happening… Oh BUT GOD!!

I did not hit a bottom like most alcoholics do. I never lost my home, car, job, etc. I hit an emotional bottom. Depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide were the heaviest things I had ever experienced. I have to think that when I was begging God to let me die, my grandmother was praying.

In 2012, I asked for help and after a 3 day binge, God completely took away my desire to drink. I poured the remaining alcohol down my kitchen sink. One year later, I recommitted my life back to Christ. He showed me love, grace and mercy after I had turned my back on Him for so many years. He gently started cleaning me up and putting all my broken pieces back together. He saved my life when I didn’t deserve it.

God is the God of the impossible! No one is ever too far gone that His love and forgiveness won’t reach. I am living proof. Thank you for letting me share.”

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