Peace and Rest — A Guest Blog by Connie Abbott

If I had known years ago that I would have to wait a long time for my prodigals to return to the Lord, I would have found a better place to wait.

God said that we could have His supernatural peace and rest in any circumstances.

Yes, I thought I had laid my children on the altar, but in all reality, I kept taking them up again. Of course, I faithfully prayed and declared God’s Word over them, but I needed to rest in that.

Taking it up again meant having tormented thoughts about the bad consequences of their choices.

Taking it up again meant not enjoying life because of the sadness in my heart.

Taking it up again meant feeling like a failure from accusations from my prodigals and the devil.

Taking it up again was not making plans to enjoy myself because of the constant turmoil of the situations.

In the process of time I realized that I was not fully trusting God concerning my prodigals. I had moments of peace and rest but did not live that way:

  • Peace in knowing God’s love and mercy for them would be new every morning.
  • Peace in knowing God would faithfully seek, save, and protect them.
  • Rest in knowing God would fulfill His promises to me and to them.
  • Rest in knowing God is the only One who can save them anyway, not me.

Even though I still face circumstances surrounding my prodigals, I have a different response inside that says, “God, You got this.” Now I feel I honor God by receiving His peace, rest, and even joy while I wait. It says I fully believe and trust God.

Receiving peace and rest from God will testify more to your prodigal than your turmoil. Also, it stomps on the devil’s head.

Seek and ask God for peace and rest. He is ready to give it to you!


Connie Abbott is an educational and biblical teacher. She and her husband of 42 years, Barry, reside in Alabama. She has invested 27 years of home education into their four children, Aaron, Joshua, Jared, and Rachel. Also, she has taught adult and children classes at her local church for 30+ years. Presently she is teaching an Adult Discipleship Class at her 700+ member local church.

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