Billowing Truth

One of the things I pray quite often for prodigals is that truth will rise up in them and overcome every lie the enemy has told them, whether that lie came through professors, teachers, peers, family, social media, habits, television, movies, books, documentaries, music, videos, thought processes, pride, arrogance, or any other source; and whether that be an outright lie, a partial truth, or a distortion of the truth.

See? Prodigals by definition already have an experience with God, and that includes at minimum some part of God’s Word. Many have had the Word poured into them from birth.

In my mind, the answer to this prayer looks like this: the truth rises up through their heads and billows up and out like a mushroom cloud, covering not only their heads and themselves but others around them!

Can you see it? It is powerful! Truth is powerful! It overcomes every lie of the enemy!

I ask in Jesus’s name that truth prevail every time so prodigals can come to the Father! (John 14:6).

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