An Unsung Evidence of Answered Prayer

A mom of a prodigal son was so excited because she witnessed answered prayer for him. By the next morning, except for her strong faith it could have seemed progress was lost.

A mom of a prodigal son and prodigal husband has seen much progress toward God, and then witnesses their next moves that seem to be away from God.

Has this ever happened to you? You see progress, raindrops, evidence of God’s answering prayer, and then all progress seems lost. Sometimes it seems things are even worse than before.

This is actually even more evidence of answered prayer!

Let me explain. Since the devil is not omniscient, all-wise, all-knowing, he doesn’t know God’s plans in advance. He doesn’t know God’s moves until he sees them in action. When he sees evidence of God’s work in a prodigal’s life, that is where he seems to attack. That is why there seems to be one step forward toward God, then two steps back away from God.

Will the devil use this to fight your faith? Absolutely! Will he lie to you and say not only is it useless to pray for your prodigal’s salvation, but will he go so far as to tell you it is making things worse? Absolutely!

Does this mean we should stop praying? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, it is a reason to give thanks to God for answering prayer and the promise that no weapon formed against your prodigal will prosper; and a reason to praise God for His having a perfect plan for your prodigal’s salvation and His power and ability to make sure it happens. Turn it back around, and pray your prodigal even closer to surrender to God.

Our part? Keep loving and praying, trusting our omnipotent, omniscient Savior! And like Moses told the Israelites when the Egyptians had pursued them into a corner: “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 13:14 NKJV).

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