The Lord Is There

When my children were young, like any good parent I plugged electrical outlets, put them in car seats in the car, made sure they stayed away from things that could burn them, etc.
When our daughter turned 16 and became a licensed driver, I stood on the front porch and watched her drive away to school for the first time until I could no longer see her, praying frantically for her safety. I wasn’t in the front passenger seat helping her watch for danger and instructing her for safety, so I felt I needed to pray frantically.
However, God knew just what to say to me! He said, “Tami, you are not the one who has been keeping her safe all these years.” My trust had been in myself instead of God. Hearing this gave me a peace otherwise unattainable. I’ve held onto this truth ever since.
And I’ve held onto this truth for prodigals that I love and pray for.
For the month of January, our prayer focus is AGAINST the isolation of our prodigals from godly influence and FOR isolation from evil influence.
Part of this is praising God as Jehovah Shammah, The Lord Is There. If your prodigal is living in your home, or if you do not know where he/she is, or any variation between, praising Jehovah Shammah builds your faith in our God to never leave your prodigal, no matter where he/she goes (Psalm 139:1-12). It will make this attribute of God more real to you than ever. It will help you to know in your heart as well as your head.
Knowing God as Jehovah Shammah will give you a peace otherwise unattainable! Part of this comes because you realize the responsibility for your prodigal is not yours but God’s and knowing that He is so much more qualified and able! Our part is to praise, pray, and trust.
Take some time every day this month to praise our Jehovah Shammah God!

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